Apparently, Kim Jong Un can control the weather

Photo Credit: Rodong Sinmun

For decades there’s been a cult of personality built around North Korea’s Kim family, meant to create a god-like persona for the leaders of the world’s most isolated state. State propaganda has claimed Kim Jong Un, his father and his grandfather, have uncanny abilities in areas from marksmanship to golf, in a bid to keep the nation enslaved.

As the North Korean leader goes head-to-head in a game of sabre rattling against U.S. President Donald Trump, now the North Korean propaganda machine is claiming that Kim can control the weather. 

Kim over the weekend allegedly climbed to the top of the nearly 10,000 foot high Mount Paektu, through thick snow and a blizzard, wearing a black winter coat and black dress shoes. Once he got to the top, the blizzard suddenly turned to sunshine.

It was Kim himself who was responsible for the dramatic change in weather, according to North Korean state media.

“Mount Paektu presented charming scenery showing magic peaks and dazzling sunshine on its clear and blue waves,” according to the Rodong Sinmun, the state’s government-controlled newspaper.

The newspaper also took the opportunity to bring up the nuclear issue, over which Kim is involved in a war of words with Trump, as the U.S. president does not want North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

“Imposingly standing on Janggun Peak, the respected Supreme Leader gave a familiar look for a while at the dizzy cliffs and the sea of trees, recalling the emotion-charged days when he realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force without yielding even a moment and with the indomitable faith and will of Paektu,” the newspaper alleged.

Tall tales about North Korea’s leaders have been a hallmark of rule by one of the world’s most brutal governments, in a bid to give legitimacy to a regime whose mismanagement and incompetence has led to chronic food shortages and a massive famine in the 1990s.

It’s hard to tell whether the population actually believes the stories or not, as everyone must at least pretend — in the most convincing way possible — that they are utterly devoted to the regime’s leader. Failure to do so could mean imprisonment for an individual and his or her entire family, using the “three generations” rule — the children and grandchildren of all so-called criminals are imprisoned for life.

North Korean media has also in the past claimed that Kim Jong Un’s father, former leader Kim Jong Il, started driving while he was a toddler, and was responsible for major advances in cancer treatment, as well as the deadly Ebola virus.

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