Ouch!! China markets anti-pervert flame thrower

The size of a lipstick, the flame thrower can fit in a woman's bag and shoots flames two feet long Photo Credit: Yoycart

Women’s protection device highlights China’s rape problem

A company in China is marketing a flame thrower that can blast sex attackers with a flame the length of your arm.

The so-called “anti-pervert” flame thrower is a device that looks like a pen and can fit in a woman’s handbag, with which women can fight off sex attackers with a 1,800 C degree (3,272 Fahrenheit) shooting flame, according to advertisements for the gadget.

While cops warn the device is against the law, it is still available for purchase online.

The device highlights the issue of sexual assault against women in China.

Photo Credit: Yoycart

Rape is a big problem in China, and often is treated lightly by police. One 2013 study of 1,000 Chinese men found that 9 percent had admitted to committing rape.

One case last year that highlighted the issue was that of a woman who posted photos online from a surveillance camera in a Beijing hotel, that showed an attacker dragging her down a hotel hallway. Seconds before, the man had asked her room number. When she refused to tell him, the man became violent. Bystanders saw this but did not help her, according to hotel surveillance footage. Finally another man grabbed her arm and the attacker ran away.

Police were too busy to help her, and the woman posted surveillance footage of the attack on Weibo, one of China’s micro blogging sites. The post went viral, getting 7 million views, and viewers called the woman, known online only as “Wanwan,” their “sister” and blasted Chinese police for what they called indifference to rape cases and violence against women. One person who commented raised the questions that if police act this way in Beijing, then how are they handling these cases in the nation’s more “backward” cities?

To the surprise of many Weibo users, the attacker was later arrested hundreds of miles from Beijing. Some say the police were under immense pressure due to online criticisms of how they initially handled the case.

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