Why does Trump trust Kim? You would’t trust a child molester, would you?

Photo Credit: Rodong Sinmun

If your neighbor were pedophile, would you trust him to babysit your child?  Of course not.

So why is U.S. President Donald Trump so eager to trust Kim Jong-un in his promises to give  up his nukes, as he did in Tuesday’s historic meeting in Singapore? Trust me when I say this: It won’t happen. He’ll nod and smile in Trump’s face, all the while continuing to move toward North Korea’s decades-long goal of becoming a nuclear power.

Kim came out the clear winner in the summit — and everyone else got nothing. First and foremost, Kim’s propaganda machine will depict this as the U.S. kowtowing to their brilliant and fearless leader. If there were any doubts left in North Korea that Kim is THE MAN, they’ve likely all been erased, both among North Korea’s public and its leadership. He’ll go down in history as the first North Korean leader to ever get a sitting U.S. President to meet with him face to face.

Second, Trump foolishly called an end to U.S.-South Korea military exercises, saying they are provocative to North Korea. Those exercises are not only a big factor in military readyness for a North Korean attack. But even more — they send a message to the world that the U.S. is a major player in Asia, and that Washington can be trusted to ensure free movement and trade for everyone.

With Trump’s cave-in, Japan, and those in South Korea who are not starry-eyed over the meeting, will question their safety. You also have to ask, is this a prelude to the U.S. eventually giving up it’s status as the guarantor of security in Asia?

Third, the summit saw human rights brushed aside, with no pressure on Kim to admit his regime’s wrongdoing, and no promises to loosen the brutal security state and move toward better human rights. It’s a major win for the paranoid Kim — he can continue to brutalize his own people in the belief that only this type of governance will prevent his overthrow from within.

Fourth, there was no discussion of trashing North Korea’s ballistic missiles, as well as no agreement on the 11,000 artillery tubes aimed at Seoul. In a military exchange, those are perhaps North Korea’s most dangerous weapon. They’re hard to defend against, and could destroy entire neighborhoods and kill thousands of people or more.

Historically, North Korea has always wanted a formal peace treaty with the U.S., in order to cement it’s grasp on the people of North Korea and continue to abuse them, indefinitely. With Tuesday’s events, Kim is on his way.

Let’s be clear, Kim Jong-un is a criminal, mass murderer and one of the world’s worst human rights abusers. He’s a textbook sociopath. Over the watch of the Kim family, it’s been common for officials to rape women in public — in broad daylight as people pass by and pretend not to notice. North Koreans live like caged animals, constantly afraid — and awestruck at the same time — under Kim’s watchful eye. This is a win for Kim, and a major loss for the long suffering North Korean people — perhaps the main victims here.

Criminologists note that criminals — such as serial killers like Charles Manson, for example — are the most manipulative people you’d ever meet, and the lengths they’ll go to deceive are beyond what most normal people have experienced in their lives. I have a friend who was a cop in a very dangerous neighborhood. He said one major attribute of criminals is lies and manipulation. They excel at deceit, since most have practiced this daily since an early age. Kim is no different. Most of us have a voice inside us telling us the difference between right and wrong. Kim, along with the world’s drug dealers, serial killers and child molesters, lack that voice. Whether he was born damaged, or learned that behavior from his father and grandfather, we may never know.

Yet, Kim is no fool. The Kim regime has known for years that its only defense against an invasion from the U.S. is nuclear weapons. And in the last decade-and-a-half, the Kim family has seen Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein get overthrown by the U.S. or U.S.-backed operations, and Kim’s not going to let that happen to him. His only true safeguard is nukes. Kim is not about to give up the only surefire way to protect his regime. Kim simply used the summit to manipulate the U.S. and the rest of the world, just as his family always has.

Until now, I never thought Trump was a fool. And given his unpredictability, maybe he’s got an ace up his sleeve. Maybe he knows full well that Kim will never live up to his promises, and has a way to use this as an advantage. That remains unknown.

I’ve never been anti-Trump like most of U.S. and global media, who hyperventilated when he was elected. If I’m in the plane, I’m going to root for the pilot.

Well, the pilot just took a nosedive.


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