Billionaire on how he would navigate vast bureaucracy if elected governor of Jakarta


In the most recent clip of an hour-long interview with Sandiaga Uno, the billionaire candidate for Jakarta governor talked to Borderless News Online about how he would navigate the mega-city’s vast bureaucracy if elected governor next year.

“I think a lot of people have criticized bureaucrats to be slow and (lack) motivation, and that is the biggest job for every leader of a bureaucracy, to motivate and empower the bureaucrats. It would be a painful process, but you definitely need to work hand in hand with them,” said Uno.

“And the way that I learned from the private sector is that…you need to have results oriented (policies),” he said, explaining that he is more geared toward rewards and sanctions rather than carrots and sticks.

Indeed, critics say that one thing holding Indonesia back is the nation’s vast and entrenched bureaucracy, and some critics have even slammed bureaucrats for having no job skills other than the ability to collect a pay check.

Navigating the bureaucracy to unleash the economy is one of the main challenges of Indonesia’s leaders, and the current administration tries to make reforms that will free up the economy and make Indonesia more competitive.

“Out of the 100 percent of people who are working for you, 20 percent are really good, and they would drive the 80 percent…and I would concentrate on this 20 percent of your workforce. The (other) 80 percent, you let them adapt, and hopefully this 20 will grow to 30, 50, and then the majority of your bureaucrats would be very professional, pretty much like the private sector,” he said.

He would increase pay for those who performed better, saying that is one of many ways to motivate people, he said.

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