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These days, finding real, traditional Korean food is increasingly hard in Korea. Recipes nowadays call for much, much more sugar than years past, and the place is awash in "Western" style junk food, snacks and fast food.
Every Saturday in Korea is a sight to behold. Tens of thousands of protesters gather at Gwanghwamun square to denounce president Park Geun-hye for what they say is blatant corruption. The subways are packed with demonstrators coming and going, and it’s a media circus.
Saudi Arabia continues to have one of the highest child marriage rates in the world. But the United Nations Children’s Fund -- known as UNICEF -- is looking the other way.
The passing of Thailand’s king earlier this week may postpone any transition back to democracy for a while, leaving the military to call the shots for some time to come.
Hillary Clinton's team is hostile toward Catholics, and wants to force them to participate in Clinton's politically correct agenda for the U.S., the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told Borderless News Online.

Cambodia’s gang rape problem – already horrendous – is getting even worse, says Cambodian...

Gang rape has been a major problem in Cambodia for more than a decade, and now it’s getting even worse, Cambodian Member of Parliament Mu Sochua told Borderless News Online.

OP-ED: Cambodia must drop phony charges against women land rights activists

Monday’ sentencing of four women land rights activists by a Phnom Penh Court does not bode well for the Cambodian government, which is already being closely eyed by the international community for its ongoing politically motivated crackdowns against critics and political opponents, writes Cambodian MP Mu Sochua in an exclusive OP-ED.

This Saudi activist says 9/11 families have right to sue his country’s gov’t–here’s why

Widely-known Saudi activist and commentator Ali al-Ahmed is applauding Congress' decision to allow victims' families to sue his country's government, while blasting the Saudis for their alleged role in the 9/11 attacks.

Saudi killing children in possible ‘war crimes,’ and Obama wants to sell Saudis even...

Saudi Arabia, an official U.S. ally, is killing hundreds of children in neighboring Yemen -- and U.S. President Barack Obama still wants to sell them a massive package of weapons worth more than $1 billion, with no questions asked. One U.S. Congressman accused the Saudis of "war crimes," and said the U.S. shouldn't be assisting the Saudis as they bomb hospitals and schools.

Muslim-American reformer slams top Clinton aid Huma for her silence on radical Islam

A well-known Muslim-American reformer blasted Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abadin, for having edited a radical Islamist publication for a decade, and slammed the top aid for her complete silence on Muslim extremism.