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Thailand’s sex trade is worth an estimated billions of dollars, and is one of the world’s largest and best organized. The brand – you might call it Thailand Sex, Inc – is recognized worldwide. Here’s a look inside just a few of the multitude of establishments that make up Bangkok's massive sex industry.
Former U.S. Pacific fleet commander James Lyons told Borderless News that the U.S. and South Korea need to discuss the nuclear option, adding that the U.S. should re-install tactical nukes on vessels deployed in the area, which would be capable of striking North Korea.
Meet Kim Kwang Jin, a former North Korean official who made tens of millions of dollars for the country’s nuclear program. Here's how he did it.
Trump should include Saudi government officials in the visa ban, as well as push Congress to pass a law enabling the U.S. to extradite Saudi officials involved in the 9/11 attacks, so they can stand trial in the U.S. The president should also push for a lifetime ban on anyone who ever served in Congress, the White House or the State Department from receiving Saudi funds.
Radical Islam is growing in Asia. One well-known American Muslim reformer says that’s because radical Islamist state Saudi Arabia has got its tentacles increasingly into the region to promote its radical version of Islam. At the same time, the success of terror group ISIS is emboldening Islamist groups in Asia.

Fondled and cussed out: In Korea, it’s part of a day’s work for many...

“Jenny,” not her real name, says her workday often includes getting cursed out and told the Korean equivalent of “fuck you” by older male coworkers. At times, she gets fondled and groped at after work gatherings by managers her father’s age. It’s all part of a regular work day for her and many women in Korea.

Brother of Saudi prisoner: My brother never hurt anyone

In Saudi Arabia -- a U.S. ally -- 28 people, mostly Shiites, were arrested in 2013 and charged with "spying" for Iran -- a common charge levied against religious minorities in Saudi, a country that exports a radical brand of Islam to countries worldwide. Borderless News Online spoke with the brother of one prisoner, who insists his brother is innocent.

Jakarta billionaire says he will make city more tourist friendly if elected governor

A great tourism slogan for Jakarta would be “Jakarta: The people make it bearable.” Indeed, Indonesians are perhaps the warmest and most genuine people in all of Asia. But the problem is that a traveler will find it hard to access these wonderful people. That’s because the city isn’t designed for interaction with strangers. It’s a city where you’re either stuck in a car, a taxi, or a mall. Billionaire businessman Sandiaga Uno says he'll create more public spaces and boost public transportation if elected governor.

Music is groovy at Korean protests, despite anger over their president

Koreans know how to throw a party. While Koreans are angry over the alleged corruption of their president, Park Geun-hye, the mood at many of the protests is festive, with kids and families present. Check out their catchy theme song by clicking on the video!

Asia travel: Koreans are the world’s newest junk food junkies

These days, finding real, traditional Korean food is increasingly hard in Korea. Recipes nowadays call for much, much more sugar than years past, and the place is awash in "Western" style junk food, snacks and fast food.