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The passing of Thailand’s king earlier this week may postpone any transition back to democracy for a while, leaving the military to call the shots for some time to come.
Hillary Clinton's team is hostile toward Catholics, and wants to force them to participate in Clinton's politically correct agenda for the U.S., the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told Borderless News Online.
Australia now stands among the last of English speaking nations to allow legal gay marriage — despite the majority of the public saying it’s ok — and it could be another 3 years before the issue is back on the table.
Gang rape has been a major problem in Cambodia for more than a decade, and now it’s getting even worse, Cambodian Member of Parliament Mu Sochua told Borderless News Online.
Monday’ sentencing of four women land rights activists by a Phnom Penh Court does not bode well for the Cambodian government, which is already being closely eyed by the international community for its ongoing politically motivated crackdowns against critics and political opponents, writes Cambodian MP Mu Sochua in an exclusive OP-ED.

Saudi killing children in possible ‘war crimes,’ and Obama wants to sell Saudis even...

Saudi Arabia, an official U.S. ally, is killing hundreds of children in neighboring Yemen -- and U.S. President Barack Obama still wants to sell them a massive package of weapons worth more than $1 billion, with no questions asked. One U.S. Congressman accused the Saudis of "war crimes," and said the U.S. shouldn't be assisting the Saudis as they bomb hospitals and schools.

Muslim-American reformer slams top Clinton aid Huma for her silence on radical Islam

A well-known Muslim-American reformer blasted Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abadin, for having edited a radical Islamist publication for a decade, and slammed the top aid for her complete silence on Muslim extremism.

Saudi still treats women as property, but new marriage law is effort to pretend...

A proposal for a new marriage law in Saudi Arabia might appear on the surface to protect women’s rights. But in reality, it ignores a host of issues that cause violence against women in a country that sells massive quantities of oil to the U.S. The measure is unlikely to be effective in a country still largely governed by ancient tribal customs that treat women as property.

This author went undercover for six months with North Korea’s future leaders – here’s...

Borderless News Online caught up with author and investigative journalist Suki Kim, who went undercover as a university professor in North Korea’s most elite university, where over 200 sons of the nation’s top families were being groomed to be the country’s future leaders. If caught, she would have been imprisoned and possibly executed as a spy. But she managed to secretly document her six months there, in which she spent almost every waking minute with the students, eating daily meals with them and not being allowed to leave the campus except on official school outings. She wrote about the experience in her book "Without You, There Is No US: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite," an investigation into a world where few outsiders have ever had that kind of access.

Why does North Korea keep firing missiles at Japan?

North Korea has always talked tough, but firing so many missiles in Japan's direction is a new and very dangerous break from its past actions, and it's alarming everyone in East Asia. So why is Pyongyang doing it?