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While Korean women have been getting plastic surgery for over a decade, now procedures to transform their entire face -- not just a feature or two -- are becoming more popular, as Korean women increasingly want to look more...
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a major human rights abuser, and treats his own people like insects -- squashing them when he needs to. But while many may applaud putting sanctions on him and his brutal regime, the sanctions likely won't hurt him at all. While Kim continues to keep fund his nuclear weapons program instead of feeding the impoverished population, ordinary North Koreans will get get hit the hardest.
Between the tragic sweep of hurricanes and media’s focus on the president’s Twitter feed, Donald Trump’s meeting with Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak late last year got lost. The media missed a key turning point in the war on terror in Asia. Trump and Razak have forged a new partnership that builds on Malaysia’s unique way of fighting terrorists.
"To get a job;" "So people will befriend me;" and "To look more Caucasian." These are three of the many answers that Borderless News Online heard when we asked Koreans in Seoul why up to 80 percent of Korean women get plastic surgery.
In Korea, women make around 40 percent less than money than men, and almost never make it to the top of the corporate ladder. Some of this is simply because many women drop out of the workforce to have children...

Korea Inc’s paid sex culture is one reason why women can’t move up the...

In Korea, women make around 40 percent less than money than men, and almost never make it to the top of the corporate ladder. Some of this is simply because many women drop out of...

WATCH: Finally, it’s OK for Koreans to date and marry foreigners

Just a few years ago, most Koreans were against the idea of dating or marrying foreigners. But times have changed, and they've changed fast. Now, the international couples interviewed in this latest Borderless News video (click the arrow above to view) say most people around them generally have no problems with their relationship, and their families support their decision to date internationally.

WATCH: Do Koreans need plastic surgery to get a job? 2 Korean girls answer

Aspiring K-drama and indie film actress Dahyang Jeong says Korean women are under tremendous pressure to be beautiful – so much so that some women even believe they need to get plastic surgery to be competitive in the job market. “I believe it’s true,” she says. “And those stories have been written in articles in newspapers and online.”

China’s millennials just don’t give a crap anymore

Resisting the idea of "competition," 23-year-old Xiaoyue recently decided not to take a lucrative job at a financial firm in her home country of China. Instead, she's waiting for the results of the civil service exam, which she took in hopes of getting a stress-free job and living an easy life, despite considerably lower pay. "I hate to live under great pressure every day, competing with colleagues. I'd rather choose a low-paid but stable and relaxing position," Xiaoyue said, in an article published in China's state media publication Global Times. 

China’s parents ramp up sex education after kindergarten abuse scandal

In China, talking about sex is taboo, and many parents have been traditionally reluctant to teach their children much -- if anything -- about sex. But that may be changing.   After a scandal and alleged sexual abuse at one of the nation's best-known kindergartens -- listed on the New York Stock Exchange and with branches all over China -- books on sex education for children are being swept off bookstore shelves like perhaps never before.  Droves of parents are signing up for online classes about how to educate their children about sex.