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North Korea has always talked tough, but firing so many missiles in Japan's direction is a new and very dangerous break from its past actions, and it's alarming everyone in East Asia. So why is Pyongyang doing it?
In Korea, tiger moms rule, and nothing ticks them off more than if you mess with their sons. That’s why South Korea’s leaders will have hell to pay if Donald Trump is elected and threatens to pull out U.S. troops, leaving Korea’s young men alone to defend the country against the North
One well-known Muslim American reformer says Donald Trump’s plan to destroy radical terror group ISIS has a major problem – it depends too much on the thugs in charge of countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia.
North Korea’s boy-king Kim Jong-un wants his country’s Olympic team to bring back five gold medals from the Rio Olympics. That’s a lot of pressure from a regime rumored to have tortured previous failed Olympic athletes, and that has allegedly banished them to remote parts of the country and forced them to do backbreaking labor in the coal mines. So is there a real possibility of team North Korea getting tortured or jailed for not bringing back the gold?
Imagine the mayor of your town going about his day-to-day business. He stops at a food cart, orders a hot dog, and then almost casually grabs the female vendor by her hair, drags her into an ally and rapes her. His assistants strangle her and dump the body so she won’t report him. These things are happening to women in North Korea. Here's 5 reasons the world's women should hate the regime.

Could North Korea’s missiles turn Seoul and Tokyo into a sea of fire?

In a bid to assert what it feels is its right to threaten everyone in the region, Pyongyang on Wednesday tested a missile by firing it into Japanese waters. The boy king Kim Jong-un wanted to send a message that no one is going to tell the North what to do, and that the government will continue to pursue its weapons program. Could North Korea destroy major cities in South Korea and Japan with its missiles?

Muslim-American reformer blasts Obama for kowtowing to Mid East dictators  

A widely known Muslim-American reformer has accused U.S. President Barack Obama of kissing up to Middle Eastern dictators, at a time when radical Islamist terrorism is running rampant worldwide. Obama refuses to use any term equating Islam with terrorism, such as "radical Islam" or "Islamic extremism." That's because he does not want to offend U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia – the dictatorship that regularly carries out public executions by beheading, Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told Borderless News Online.

South Korea hates Donald Trump – here’s why

North Korea is becoming increasingly brazen and threatening the South. If Donald Trump is elected and pulls U.S. troops out of Korea, it could open the South up to a major attack from the North. If U.S. forces pull out, will that spark a new wave of anti-Americanism in South Korea?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un loves Donald Trump – here’s why

North Korean propaganda publication DPRK Today is praising Donald Trump, and recently recommended that Americans cast their ballads for the bombastic billionaire, with the authors praising what they called his “wisdom.” And why shouldn’t they? The brash businessman in recent months said he’d pull U.S. forces out of South Korea, a move experts say would allow North Korea to fulfill its destiny – to invade South Korea and take over the entire Korean Peninsula once and for all.

News Analysis: France has a long way to go before it solves its ISIS...

ISIS struck again on Tuesday, this time slitting the throat of an 85-year-old priest in France after two attackers stormed a church and took hostages before police shot the attackers dead. The terror group took credit for the strike – the latest in a string of ongoing violence directed against Europe and the U.S., which is likely to get worse before it gets better.