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Gang rape has been a major problem in Cambodia for more than a decade, and now it’s getting even worse, Cambodian Member of Parliament Mu Sochua told Borderless News Online.
Monday’ sentencing of four women land rights activists by a Phnom Penh Court does not bode well for the Cambodian government, which is already being closely eyed by the international community for its ongoing politically motivated crackdowns against critics and political opponents, writes Cambodian MP Mu Sochua in an exclusive OP-ED.
Widely-known Saudi activist and commentator Ali al-Ahmed is applauding Congress' decision to allow victims' families to sue his country's government, while blasting the Saudis for their alleged role in the 9/11 attacks.
Saudi Arabia, an official U.S. ally, is killing hundreds of children in neighboring Yemen -- and U.S. President Barack Obama still wants to sell them a massive package of weapons worth more than $1 billion, with no questions asked. One U.S. Congressman accused the Saudis of "war crimes," and said the U.S. shouldn't be assisting the Saudis as they bomb hospitals and schools.
A well-known Muslim-American reformer blasted Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abadin, for having edited a radical Islamist publication for a decade, and slammed the top aid for her complete silence on Muslim extremism.

This author went undercover for six months with North Korea’s future leaders – here’s...

Borderless News Online caught up with author and investigative journalist Suki Kim, who went undercover as a university professor in North Korea’s most elite university, where over 200 sons of the nation’s top families were being groomed to be the country’s future leaders. If caught, she would have been imprisoned and possibly executed as a spy. But she managed to secretly document her six months there, in which she spent almost every waking minute with the students, eating daily meals with them and not being allowed to leave the campus except on official school outings. She wrote about the experience in her book "Without You, There Is No US: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite," an investigation into a world where few outsiders have ever had that kind of access.

Why does North Korea keep firing missiles at Japan?

North Korea has always talked tough, but firing so many missiles in Japan's direction is a new and very dangerous break from its past actions, and it's alarming everyone in East Asia. So why is Pyongyang doing it?

Korea could see a million tiger mom march if Trump pulls out US troops

In Korea, tiger moms rule, and nothing ticks them off more than if you mess with their sons. That’s why South Korea’s leaders will have hell to pay if Donald Trump is elected and threatens to pull out U.S. troops, leaving Korea’s young men alone to defend the country against the North

Muslim-American reformer blasts Trump for wanting to team up with thugs to kill ISIS

One well-known Muslim American reformer says Donald Trump’s plan to destroy radical terror group ISIS has a major problem – it depends too much on the thugs in charge of countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Does North Korea throw its Olympic athletes into gulags?

North Korea’s boy-king Kim Jong-un wants his country’s Olympic team to bring back five gold medals from the Rio Olympics. That’s a lot of pressure from a regime rumored to have tortured previous failed Olympic athletes, and that has allegedly banished them to remote parts of the country and forced them to do backbreaking labor in the coal mines. So is there a real possibility of team North Korea getting tortured or jailed for not bringing back the gold?