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Not only the Chinese are angry over this week’s incident in which an Asian-American passenger was beat up and pulled off a United Airlines flight – now all of Asia is pissed off. Netizens and press in China, Vietnam, South...
Video source: MyNewsHub Two gay men in Indonesia are facing punishment by caning, at a time when moderate Indonesia is becoming more and more radical in its practice of Islam. The men were allegedly detained by anti-gay vigilantes, and a cell-phone...
As Borderless News Online predicted last week, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is clinging on tighter than ever to the idea of becoming a nuclear power, in a bid to protect his nasty regime from being overthrown by the United States.
On Thursday night President Donald Trump gave Syria's Bashir al-Assad a spanking -- in the form of several dozen tomahawk missiles. That is causing North Korea's boy king to wet his pants in fear. But with his back against the wall, Kim Jong Un may cling even tighter to his dreams of becoming a nuclear power -- to protect his regime from overthrow.
The barbaric practice of female genital mutilation is practiced in majority Muslim countries worldwide – but I bet you didn’t know it may be on the rise in the United States.

30 high school girls in China forced into sex servitude– case highlights growing problem

Police in China busted a pedophile ring that forced 30 high school girls — some of them under age 14 — into sex. The case highlights the growing problem of sexual abuse of children in China.

North Korea will do whatever the hell it wants – here’s why

North Korea will continue on the path toward nuclear weapons, despite President Donald Trump’s threats. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants nukes to protect him against the fate of dead dictators Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

An Asian escort bar, sexual harassment charges and male dominance: Uber’s crappy couple of...

Massively popular ride sharing company Uber is having a bad month, amid allegations of the CEO going to an escort bar in Seoul where women wearing numbers are selected by male clients, as well as charges of lack of diversity in the company.

WATCH: Korea – A Global Sex Capital

Watch Borderless News film inside real Korean brothels and talk to real sex workers. This short film is part 3 in a special series on Asia’s multi billion-dollar commercial sex industry.

The bombastic babes of Bangkok’s go-go bars 

Researching the business side of Bangkok’s massive sex trade, this reporter wanders into one of the city’s best-known go-go bars. It's like a wild sorority party,with alcohol-fueled, college-age women fiercely competing to reel in clients. Despite the fact that most come from impoverished upcountry farming communities, these bombshell alpha-females know they have the power to get worldly men twice their age to empty their wallets like obedient puppy dogs.