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A company in China is designing a sex doll that’s shockingly realistic, and you’ve got to see it to believe it. But it begs the question of whether it will further isolate segments of society, at a time when...
One schoolgirls' heartbreaking essay on the violence she's endured from her teacher has gone viral, eliciting outraged responses on China's social media.
If the U.S. strikes at North Korea, here are five things that could happen.
North Korean native Kim Jeong-ah found herself alone and starving.  She knew she couldn't stay any longer in North Korea or she'd die. That was when she decided to go to China -- even though she knew she'd be sold there. She just hoped she wouldn't be sold into the sex trade. "I had to make a choice between dying in North Korea and being sold in China. As it is human instinct to survive, I chose to be sold in China. Not knowing what the outcome was going to be, I chose to rather be sold. I just hoped that I wouldn’t be sold into prostitution," she says.
China is seeing a sexual revolution. Average couples are having sex more than any time, perhaps, in the nation's 5000 year history -- "average" meaning not including Emperors of ancient dynasties who had hundreds of concubines. One night stands are...

Ouch!! China markets anti-pervert flame thrower

Women’s protection device highlights China’s rape problem A company in China is marketing a flame thrower that can blast sex attackers with a flame the length of your arm. The so-called "anti-pervert" flame thrower is a...

Indonesia’s ban on radical Muslims won’t stop them – here’s why

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has implemented a ban on radical Islamist groups. But that won’t be enough to stop the growing influence of radical Islam in Indonesia, which has the world's biggest Muslim population.

WATCH: North Korea’s hell hole is the South’s tourist attraction

WATCH: While North Koreans suffer just over the river, South Korea has built a tourist park on the border.

This racy new Korean TV show depicts a fast-changing sex and dating culture

Sex talk? Bikinis? Gorgeous models shakin' what their mommas gave them? That would be unheard of on Korean TV just a decade ago. But now a racy new show is fast becoming the talk of Korea, Sex is often not openly discussed in public, but the show serves as a platform for many women to freely and openly discuss their sex and dating lives.

These South Korean men got scammed by mail order bride services – here’s how 

Older, rural bachelors in Korea are getting screwed by match making services claiming to find them young brides. Brokers lie through their teeth and many arranged marriages end in divorce. Women who come with high hopes of making a better life in Korea -- from Cambodia, China and Vietnam -- are also getting scammed. Some end up with abusive husbands, others end up with deadbeats.