We are always looking for talented new journalists and fresh voices to contribute to Borderless News Online. We are looking for new trends and new angles on events, people and places in the Middle East and Asia. Exclusive interviews with well-known figures are always appreciated. 

We usually do not publish opinion pieces, unless from a high-profile expert on a subject. Stories must be well organized, unique and important, and all information and sources must be properly cited. We like headlines that grab the reader by the collar and people why they need to read this story. For examples, please read the stories already on the website. 

Submissions should be 800-2,000 words long and not previously published, and Borderless News Online reserves the right to edit, publish or reject any submission.Once published, submissions become the property of Borderless News Online and may not be re-printed or rebroadcast elsewhere, although summaries and links may be posted online. 

Please send a one or two paragraph pitch outlining the what the story will say, who you will interview and your intended deadline. Please try to make the pitch resemble what you think the article will look like. 

Please copy the pitch directly into the body of the email and do not send as attachment. 

Please send to: