Vietnam’s first woman billionaire shows sex sells — and it sells BIG with VietJet


Video Source: VietJet’s Youtube channel 

Vietnam’s first woman billionaire, and CEO of Vietjet, has made truckloads of cash by featuring bikini clad flight attendants in Asia’s sexiest airline—and the company continues to soar higher.

April has been a big month for Vietjet.

The budget carrier saw a 39 percent revenue increase in 2016 from the previous year, and the airline has big plans going forward, the company announced earlier this month.

On Monday, the airline announced it would add a new route, between Hualien, Taiwan and Bangkok, with the maiden voyage coming in June.

Indeed, the carrier said its recent success is attributable to efforts to establish a number of new domestic and international routes.

Founder and CEO Nguyen Phuong Thao is Vietnam’s first female billionaire, and she makes no apologies for featuring scantily-clad, drop-dead gorgeous flight attendants on flights – with some crews even doing pre-flight dances for the entertainment of passengers.

In many ways, Asia has a more relaxed attitude about sexuality and sex than many people realize — and often more mellow than the hyper-politically correct United States. While sexuality is often not openly discussed, women’s beauty is celebrated. And many people, from Japan to Korea to Vietnam – including many women – have no problem with VietJet’s dancing, bikini-clad flight attendants whose physical beauty is a major part of their resume.

In Vietnam the nation’s first woman billionaire — and the only woman billionaire in Southeast Asia — is seen as an example of equality between the sexes, although some have questioned whether a male CEO would get away with the same marketing strategy, noted Asia Times Online.

At a Forbes conference in Vietnam earlier this month, Thao said the staff has a “right to wear whatever they like,” and that the “spirit of VietJet is whatever brings happiness to our customers, that makes us happy.”

The billionaire’s philosophy of feminism is “How to balance the God-given responsibility of being a mother, while doing our best as an entrepreneur and leader in our own company,” noted Asia Times Online.

Indeed, Vietnamese women have always played an active role in the economy and the military, many having fought in the Vietnam War. Women make up a large chunk of owners of private enterprises in Vietnam. One reason that women play such a large role in the country’s economy, some argue, is the Vietnam War — three million Vietnamese men died in the conflict, leaving a generation of women to run much of the economy. Women had to be resourceful to support children and parents.

Meanwhile, Forbes called the airline one to watch, calling it a “master of marketing stunts,” including a sexy calendar.


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